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May 26-27th

Åland Grönskar

Åland Grönskar is a new event arranged by the association Skördefestens Vänner to celebrate the budding, lush signs of spring in Åland. Smakbyn participates in the event and offers a four course menu for 45 €.

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The Smakbyn restaurant

Good Nordic food

The heart of Smakbyn, the restaurant, represents everything that chef and restaurant keeper Michael Björklund stands for. We offer good Nordic food around the year. Here you can enjoy both lunch and dinner or why not something from our bistro menu Bakfickan.

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The Smakbyn Distillery

Spirit tastings

The distilled beverages are stored in oak barrels in our cool cellar. We arrange on request beverage tastings, where you can experience Åland’s spirited nature at its source.

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The Smakbyn shop

Delicacies and crafts

In our shop in Smakbyn we have gathered different delicacies and crafts from the regions around us. Why not buy a tasting souvenir with you back home, a hand-made coffee mug or Smakbyn's own delicacies. Welcome to have a look in our shop!

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