Smakbyn distillery

Micke had for many years considered starting a distillery in the scenic area around Kastelholm Castle on Åland. In 2019, he and Jenny Björklund took power and started Åland Distillery in collaboration with a handful of different players. Today they own Åland Distillery together with Tony Asumaa and Ola Brandborn. Distillery is located in Jan Karlsgården Wärdshuset's old premises. The drinks are produced there and you also have the opportunity to taste the products in the distillery's restaurant. Inquiries about beverage tastings are received by email: restaurant@alanddistillery.com

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Here is a selection of some of our favorite products. We also produce stronger alcoholic beverages and are always experimenting with new drinks and raw materials. Most of our products can be ordered via Alko, the Finnish retail supplier of alcoholic beverages, or bought in Alko shops on Åland and in Alko’s flagship Arkadia store in Helsinki. You can also buy our specialty brandies and liquors on Viking Line and Eckerö Linjen boats. Wholesalers and restaurants that are interested in our products can contact us at branneriet@smakbyn.ax for further information.

Smakbyn - Päråla


Smakbyn’s pear liqueur evokes the lingering taste of green sun-warmed pears. It can be enjoyed neat after a good meal or over the rocks on a summer day. It also pairs well with hard and creamy cheeses and gives your sponge cake that special flavor of Åland.

14,9% or 20,5% alc / 500ml
Alko - Päråla
Smakbyn - Röd Granit

Röd Granit

Röd Granit is a local cherry liqueur with a strong cherry fragrance and a hint of bitter almonds. It is not too sweet and has a long and elegant taste. Röd Granit is perfect for cocktails, deliciously rich chocolate desserts and gingerbread with blue cheese.

14,9% or 22% alc / 500ml
Alko - Röd Granit
Smakbyn - Appleaud


Åland apple liqueur has a pleasant fragrance, a nice golden color and an enticing taste of apples. It’s perfect after a good meal and goes well with white chocolate or vanilla ice cream with fresh berries. You can also enjoy it chilled.

14,9% or 20,5% alc / 500ml
Alko - Appleaud
Smakbyn - Atlas & Aroma Semi-dry

Atlas & Aroma Semi-dry

Smakbyn’s semi-dry apple wine is made from sun-ripened Åland apple varieties Aroma and Atlas. The apples are grounded into a mash before being pressed and are fermented in large barrels at Smakbyn. The wine has a fresh scent of ripe fruit and a deep golden color. You can enjoy this semi-dry apple wine with fried or grilled pork or sweat & sour chicken dishes served with apple chutney or peaches. Cheers!

11% alc / 750ml
Smakbyn - Atlas & Aroma Semi-sweet

Atlas & Aroma Semi-sweet

12% alc / 750ml


Tjudö Vingård Ltd, the company behind the Smakbyn distillery, was founded in 1997 by Peter ”Bongo” Eriksson, when he started the production of wines and stronger spirits.

Bongo saw the potential in refining local fruits and started producing wine and spirits for sale at his apple farm, something that had not been possible before joining the EU. Bongo launched his wine and Apelbrand, an apple distillate formerly known as Ålvados. Apelbrand is now, just as the name Calvados, name protected. Apelbrand is still made according to Bongos original recipe.

After Bongo passed away his brother Daniel Eriksson continued with the wine yard for a while after which Bongos uncle Ingmar Eriksson ran the company.

Since 2011 Nordiska Matkompaniet Ltd, Smakbyn, runs Tjudö Vingård Ltd including the spirit stock, distillery equipment, name and rights. The distillery is now located in Smakbyn, where we produce spirits and arrange guided tastings for groups.

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