In the Smakbyn kitchen

There is a whole bunch of happy chefs working here in Smakbyn. Our common denominator is probably our passion for cooking and that we all have a thick skin!

  • Each and everyone of us contribute to the good food, which is made from scratch and from selected fine ingredients. In the Smakbyn kitchen everyone takes their responsibility and contribute with their knowledge and experiences. That's probably why we have such a good time together! We also like to sing for our guests, some prefer it more than others, but almost all rather than good. Our open kitchen makes it also important that you like people and can offer a smile to all guests who walk by the kitchen.

Do you want to find out more about the happy chefs in Smakbyn? Here you can read about us:

Smakbyn Times - Ted Eloranta

Ted Eloranta

If you hear someone sing (with more enthusiasm than skill) when you enter the restaurant, then you can be pretty sure that Ted is working. Ted likes dance bands and cheesy ballads. Ted has a hot temperament and likes to keep a fast paste!


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