In our Smakbyn shop, we sell our own specialty foods, including crisp bread, jam, mustard and pickles. We also have a range of artisanal foods from other talented producers and handicrafts from local artists and artisans. You can also buy a tasty food souvenir, a useful kitchen gadget or one of Michael’s inspirational cookbooks. How about a Smakbyn knife or a cutting board made from ash tree?

Smakbyn - Mickes Vilda

Mickes Vilda

The book "Micke's Vilda" contains a mix of game and vegetarian recipes inspired by nature. It shows how to prepare the catch, and there are some examples in the book on how to use parts of the game / animal which is often not used in today´s cooking. How can berries be used to improve the taste, and which drinks are best combined with game?
There are beautiful pictures from nature showing the calm and quiet spirit of the Nordic forests as well as the beauty of the Åland archipelago.
Available in Swedish and Finnish.

Smakbyn - Micke's sweets

Micke's sweets

Welcome to a wonderful coffee party at which master chef and food ­philosopher Michael Björklund and his mum Ritva treat us to moist ­cakes, delicate butter cookies and a marvellous meringue cake. Come with us to a trendy Stockholm patisserie where Micke learns techniques to decorate magnificent cakes. Come with us too, as we visit traditional candy ­factories and innovative ice cream makers. In this book we mix shamelessly ­delicious chocolate fondant with crumbly berry pies. And of course Micke will knock up a scrumptious Åland pancake. Let yourself be inspired by recipes for gorgeous desserts, to add a golden touch to your dinner party and makes your guests cheer.

This is the first of Michaels books also available in English.

Smakbyn - Mickes fisk

Mickes fisk

In this book, exciting fishing trips are combined with Micke's wide knowledge of fish. A knowledge he has gathered ever since childhood when he stood on a pier with the casting rod in his hand.

Be inspired by delicious recipes both for everyday and festive occasions. Join the master chef and food philosopher Michael Björklund in an open fishing boat out on a stormy sea. Come on in to a small fish smokery where Micke among white smoke clouds learns how the bloater gets its beautiful golden colour. Welcome to a splendid tasting of an exclusive, myth-spun caviar.

Mickes Fisk is made together with HSS media.

Available in Swedish and Finnish.

Smakbyn - Min Nordiska Mat

Min Nordiska Mat

In his first cookbook, Michael Björklund takes us on a gastronomic journey through the Nordic countries. We journey between the Åland Islands, Helsinki, and Gothenburg, where we taste local specialties and meet the people behind some of the region’s finest ingredients from sea, land and forest. We also join Michael when he goes hunting and crayfishing in Åland, catches shellfish in scenic Bohuslän, Sweden, and meets up with old colleagues in Gothenburg and Helsinki. Inspired by the wonderfully fresh ingredients, Michael shares his special recipes and cooking tips, and prepares dishes that have become a huge favorite with restaurant guests and close friends.

Discover this unique cookbook and join Michael Björklund on a culinary adventure like no other!

Available in Swedish and Finnish.

Smakbyn - Mat så in i Norden

Mat så in i Norden

Mat så in i Norden is a culinary journey through Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark with Åland chef Michael Björklund and editor Sonja Kailassaari. During the journey, we meet some of Scandinavia's leading chefs, bakers and food producers, including Paul Smith, Leif Mannerström and Esben Holmboe Bang, who share their best recipes. We dig for white asparagus on Gotland, Sweden’s biggest island, catch giant Atlantic cod and horsemussel in the Lofoten Islands, Norway, and prepare a traditional manor dinner from these wonderfully Nordic ingredients in southeastern Finland. You will find this and more in this wonderfully Nordic cookbook!

Available in Swedish and Finnish.

Smakbyn - Cookie mix in a jar

Cookie mix in a jar

In this jar we have put almost all of the ingredients you need for making Smakbyn's chocolate chip cookies. Just add an egg and some butter and within minutes the cookies are ready.

Smakbyn - Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies

These small chocolate chip cookies can also be found every now and then during lunch at the coffee buffet. A small warning though, these cookies can be addictive. The recipe is a secret but luckily you can buy them in our shop.

Smakbyn - Pumpkin crispbread mix in a jar

Pumpkin crispbread mix in a jar

In this jar we have put almost all of the ingredients needed to make our own delicious pumpkin crispbread. Without gluten - and oh so tasty!

Smakbyn - Spelt crispbread

Spelt crispbread

The spelt crispbread made by Mickes mother-in-law is a more festive type of crispbread, very well suitable e.g. with strong cheeses. The crispbread gets its taste from fennel, anise and honey.

Smakbyn - Seed crispbread

Seed crispbread

Smakbyn's own crispbread is full of good and healthy seeds. Perfect for breakfast, with dessert cheeses or a good marmalade.

Smakbyn - Cardamom biscuits

Cardamom biscuits

Our old-fahioned cardamom biscuits are so good that some claim they are addictive. Perfect with a cup of tea or coffee, or why not try it with glögg!

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