The Smakbyn staff

There is a whole bunch of happy people working here in Smakbyn. Our common denominator is probably our passion for food and that we all have a thick skin!

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We who work in Smakbyn are a mixed group of different nationalities and age groups. We all have in common that we care about our guests. That they'll have the best experience possible is our daily goal, every day! In the kitchen each and everyone of us contribute to the good food, which is made from scratch and from selected fine ingredients. Our open kitchen makes it also important that all the chefs like people and can offer a smile to guests who walk by the kitchen.

  • In Smakbyn everyone takes their responsibility and contribute with their knowledge and experiences. That's probably why we have such a good time together! We also like to sing for our guests, some prefer it more than others, but almost all rather than good.

    If you are open and interested, like people and are social, maybe you are the new addition to our team.

Do you want to find out more about the people working in Smakbyn? Here you can read about us:

Smakbyn Times - Jenny Björklund

Jenny Björklund

Jenny runs Smakbyn together with Micke. She’s the boss in the office and mostly does what no one else wants to do. When Jenny is at home she has one dachshund in a basket and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Smakbyn Times - Raimonds Gailis

Raimonds Gailis

Raimonds is the guy everyone wants to be on good terms with. He distills and makes all the alcohol we produce in our distillery. He also makes the deliveries and is the caretaker in Smakbyn, there is almost nothing that he can’t fix. In his free time he’s the king on the volleyball court and a happy family man.

Smakbyn Times - Michael Björklund

Michael Björklund

Michael Björklund is a chef who hardly needs an introduction in the Northern countries. Micke runs Smakbyn together with his wife Jenny. Micke is often on the go but if you are lucky you can get a glimpse of him by Smakbyn's pots and pans.

Smakbyn Times -

Our friend Mentor is a joyful guy coming from Serbia but has now been with us in Smakbyn for a few years. He loves Åland so much that he brought with him a few friends to work with us too. He is learning Swedish fast so if you know a little bit of Swedish you can try him out. In his free-time he likes to go to the gym, play frisbee golf or some other sports.


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