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We strive to work with consideration to the environment we are active in. Our ambition is to think and work sustainably in everything we do and thus reduce our environmental footprint. Our vision is that Smakbyn will be self sufficient as to energy and water, through sustainable energy and water solutions.

We will reduce our energy consumption by half by using low energy light bulbs, lower the indoor temperature and by looking over different energy solutions such as solar panels and our own windmill. In order to reduce our water consumption we have dual-flush toilets and in the longer run our vision is to use water directly from our immediate surroundings. We review our water and electricity consumption continuously and regularly evaluate the actions we do, so that we can quickly make improvements when needed.

We use environmentally friendly detergents and a local laundry to reduce the environmental impact.

An important challenge is to reduce the food waste, therefor we offer our guests to take their leftovers home. Our aim is to use as many parts as possible of the raw materials and by making the most of so-called bycatch fish, we can reduce our environmental footprint.

We use mainly products from the Nordic and local dairy products, root vegetables, and berries and mushrooms from our doorstep according to season. Our environmental impact is reduced when the transportations are short.

We will contribute to a sustainable society where our employees, guests, partners and locals feel good. Through dedicated staff that thrive and feel good, we achieve our goals. We want to contribute positively to the society by taking social responsibility through cooperation with different actors.

Green key

Smakbyn is Green key certified. Green key is an international environmental certification program, where the aim is to work according the specific criteria in order to reduce our environmental footprint.

Here you can read more about Green key

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